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At Deverx, we share the passion for your innovative idea and our team of proficient developers is ready to get the ball rolling on your project.

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developers, analysts and testers

We got the experts for…

React & React Native

Our extremely skilled React and React Native developers can “Redux” (pun intended) the time to delivery of your application.

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Full Stack

Our one-man-army Full Stack Developers can engineer a full scale application in no-time.

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Our highly experienced node developers are ready to provide their expertise to support the backend needs of your application.

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Angular developers are all the hype nowadays. Thankfully we got the best of the best in the industry to create beautiful UI designs for your project.

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Let our all-in-one developers, experienced in cutting edge technologies, work for your business.

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Django (Python)

Make use of our highly knowledgeable Django developers work their magic on your application and support your business needs.

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Our Values

Why work with us?

Let our veteran team of developers take you through the wonderful journey of digital success.



We follow AGILE SDLC which is a tried and tested method of efficient project completion.


Structured Teams

We have defined processes, structures and roles to deliver an enterprise level project efficiently.



Our team of developers, analysts and testers have delivered quality applications for the most demanding projects time and time again.



We share your passion for your project. At Deverx, we understand how important our work is to our clients and we settle on nothing but absolute best for our clients



We strictly follow industrial standards of programming to ensure that our product speaks for itself when it is out in the market.


Customer Support

At Deverx, we encourage our clients to keep in touch with us for after-sales support.

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